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Things can unravel if you don’t have the right HR policies and documentation that set out how you act when issues arise.

A comprehensive set of policies and documents set out the rules of your business. Not only should they meet all of the legal requirements, they should reflect your company, your culture and your values in the right way. They start with up to date contracts of employment and a company handbook that reflect current legislation.

Our approach involves the design of policies that cover employee conduct and your expectations of them, which both motivate the team and protect your business in the event of problems. What’s more, we can advise you, or represent you, through any difficult situations with an employee.

We help you with everything you need.

HR Policies

We can write and review your policies, procedures and documentation to ensure that they are legally compliant, set out your expectations and are well communicated to your people.

HR advice

We can advise on all matters of employment law, before you act, to ensure you’re compliant and not breaking the law.


We can be by your side during difficult conversations to ensure you do everything in the right way, or even do what needs to be done for you.

Contracts & Handbooks

We can create up to date employment contracts and handbooks that set out “how things are done” in your business – and that incorporate the latest legislation.

What our customers say...

“With Wright People, we have now done a complete HR overview of our processes and procedures. They’re fantastic at getting the foundations right so that crisis point can be averted!” Becky Smith, Premium Sales.

Becky Smith

Premium Sales

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