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Success comes from the right people

Some scary stats. Only 11% (a tenth) of people feel fully engaged at work while the rest indifferent, disengaged, or 21% (a fifth) actively disengaged, according to recent research. That means that there’s a lot of unhappy and unproductive people in their jobs.

The main reason is simple: the wrong people are in the wrong roles. Turning that on its head, if the right people in the right role, they excel. They care about the company and their role in it. They go above and beyond and they’re more loyal.

Percentage of people that feel fully engaged at work

We've been where you are


Before Wright People, we started and grew our own logistics company. Having been in business ourselves it means that we provide the HR advice that’s commercially savvy – the advice we would have wanted as a business owner – to protect and improve the bottom-line.

And when it comes to a problem, we know that you want a quick and effective resolution. No faffing, no over-cautious HR folk sitting on the fence and tell you “what you can’t do”.  We’ll tell you “what you can do” – and recommend the best commercial solution.

Prevention is better, than cure

Most HR support provided by others is about solving problems: a grievance, a disciplinary, a performance issue. What if you had less problems to deal with and could spend that time developing and improving the right people?

We can solve your problems, sure, like everyone else, but we go beyond that to help you create and nurture a positive culture that grows the talent you have and creates a better business.

An employee complaint could slow down your business. Make sure your complaint procedure is solid.

We’re for you if…

You don’t want the stress, time and cost of dealing with HR
You prefer to do what you’re best at in your business – and that isn’t HR
You need the re-assurance that you’re protected and not breaking the law with your HR practices
Your business does not need or can’t afford a full time HR Manager
You don’t know whether you have the right people

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