How Wright People HR helped build a positive culture.

Maintaining Growth Through Its People Practices During Uncertain Times

How JewelCast Found Success Through

HR Consultancy


What They Said

Karen Murphy, it’s Director, makes it clear why JewelCast is special and how Wright People HR has helped them to create a positive culture of like-minded people. “We are unique in the quality and service we offer. Our Team care about the customer and have a passion for what they do – and that’s where Wright People HR come in.”

The Problem

The size of team had grown, but that was now becoming a barrier to future growth.  Karen was being pulled away from the day to day running of the business and sales generation – to deal with HR. And with more people, and more HR issues taking Karen’s time, growth was beginning to slow. Then came COVID-19.

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Why Wright People HR?

JewelCast and Wright People HR hit it off straight away. 

“The team at Wright People HR are approachable and capable and we were able to hand over all HR from day one, recruitment, performance reviews, staff training and the inevitable HR problems. This enabled me to concentrate on our customers and generating new business – the things I most enjoy.”  




Recruitment and retention are a massive problem for manufacturing businesses, especially when you’re a perfectionist like JewelCast. Being able to recruit the right people was a big challenge.

A growing business meant more staff - and more managers to manage those staff. Many of the managers, though, were ill-equipped to deal confidently with issues, meaning that they continued to escalate to Karen who continued to deal with

Then suddenly, with COVID-19 came the real prospect of having to scale-back and make redundancies.



  • Training of managers to deliver effective feedback and reviews has led to people being better at their job, rising productivity and freeing the Director’s time from dealing with HR issues to growing the business 
  • New recruitment methods including clear job descriptions and psychometric profiling has improved accuracy of hiring 
  • Effective HR policies have resulted in under-performers exiting the business in order to retain a positive working environment and culture. 
  • HR issues are now dealt with proactively and collaboratively between mangers and their team members, where before issues lingered
  • Managers have peace of mind that support is available through Wright People HR in order to ensure that they make the right decisions. 
  • COVID-19 specific support from Wright People HR meant that JewelCast were able to navigate the period, utilising the Government’s Furlough Scheme, and assisting staff with mental health and well-being support



  • More pro-active HR through Managers and their teams means that all are invested in achieving positive outcomes when issues do arise
  • A positive culture – and recruiting people with a strong cultural fit – has led to better retention – and retention of the right type of people 
  • Reduced hiring costs with more accurate hiring methods being used
  • Dealing with less HR issues, there is more time available for the Director, Karen, to win new business and grow
  • As a result of the support received during COVID-19, all staff were able to be retained – not only protecting people’s jobs but allowing JewelCast to pick-up production quickly in a post-COVID-19 boom

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